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[Dungeon] Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/Resist Team
06-06-2013, 11:09 AM (This post was last modified: 03-01-2014 06:59 PM by Misa.)
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[Dungeon] Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/Resist Team
Updated Strategy for Hera Descended Using an Odin/ Resist Team

[Image: czOagZR.jpg]
Tentative banner...

Hi everyone! Smile Just wanted to clarify what I meant by saying “playing it safe with skill use” in Hera Descended. However, I realized that I have to talk about the general strategy to approaching each wave in doing this though, so I apologize for the length of this explanation >_< The OP of the other thread did not go into as much detail as I would like to on this dungeon and did not discuss the many possible subs that can be used to tackle this dungeon with this kind of team. After reading that thread and heading into Hera Descended my first time I felt as if I was not adequately prepared and don’t want you guys to have to feel that- thus this thread was born! Sorry if anything seems a bit redundant though.


The strategies here assume that you are using one of the more conventional Odin/ Resist teams with over ~8.5k hp consisting of:

Leader: / ////
At least 1 max skilled siren or orb to heart changer: /
A Rainbow Keeper or Echidna (maybe even two of either of these!): /
One of these if you are w/o Ghostring or Abyss Neptune lead: // /// /

You should also be comfortable with achieving 3+ combos each turn, including heart orb matches (4+ combos each turn is ideal, but I find 3 to be the bare bones minimum)

If you have any questions/ concerns on your proposed lineup for this dungeon, I encourage you to post on this thread with the details or feel free to send me a pm, if you are uncomfortable with posting here! In doing such, I kindly ask that you reply with:
  • Heartmakers you possess
  • Skill Lvls of all mobs you are considering as subs
  • Awakenings, if applicable

I will not reply to posts including mere hyperlinks asking what the best possible build is from your monsters. Please put some thought into your post when asking so I can be assured that you actually went through this Guide in its entirety because I make sure to provide a thoughtful and personalized response to the best of my ability~



First Two Slots aka the Best Defensive Subs you've got!

In my opinion, Siren > Echidna > Rainbow Keeper in terms of subs. Thus, the first two sub spots on an Odin/ Resist should go to orb to heart changers- preference to ones with skill levels that are maxed (Siren, Megalodran, Angelion, CoC Healer, etc.). If you do not have two orb to heart changers, the second variable spot should be delegated to Echidna in my opinion. However, hp needs to be taken into account since a team of all healers barely makes the hp threshold with a strong Odin friend, making the first 4 waves potentially risky.

The Third Slot: Your Weapon against Neptune

If you aren't leading with an Abyss Neptune or Ghostring, this sub spot needs to be given to a poisoner (Lilith, Ghostring, Neptune), an armor breaker (Mk Golem, Shiva), or Ra. You absolutely need to bring one of these guys along unless you plan to go with the gravity grind method or plan to spend a week defeating him (seriously heard a story about a guy who spent a week grinding down Neptune since he forgot to bring a sub to use against him...). If you choose the gravity grind approach, which I really do not recommend, bring a Hades (or Hera if you are a veteran) along and prepare to spend a lot of time on Neptune... Details on how to tackle Neptune with these subs are explained in a later section.

Last Resort for this Slot

The new Gungnir has opened new opportunities for Odin/ Resist teams and now, even if you do not have a poisoner you can use a defense-reducing knight as a last resort to take down Neptune, making things even more affordable! Of course, their stats are far from ideal so if you happen to have a poisoner/ better armor breaker, by all means forget about this guy!

The Most Variable Position: The Fourth Slot

The sub placed in this slot is usually very case-specific so if you have any questions or doubts about who to use here, feel free to ask for feedback!

If you are using the most common method- a Lilith, to take down Neptune, I generally recommend placing a Rainbow Keeper in the fourth slot since he will increase your hp greatly, reducing your risk of dying in the initial waves. His active skill defensive stance is very useful as a last resort in the god waves. More details on active skill use are in the following sections.

If you are leading with an Abyss Neptune or Ghostring, the fourth slot can be delegated to a monster with a great AOE skill or another defensive sub. I personally recommend going with another defensive sub if you are using an Abyss Neptune/ Odin team since Neptune's poison acts as an AOE skill in the early waves- it just takes longer to charge. My favorite lineup with an Abyss Neptune/ Odin team includes two skilled Sirens, an Echidna and a RK. It's practically impossible to die with such a team unless you forget to heal back up to max!

As for teams with a Ghostring lead though, I recommend bringing along an Ancient Dragon (Laphroiag preferably) if you have the team cost needed to accommodate one or a ripper. Ancient Dragons would be preferred over Rippers in this case since they have a stronger AOE skill with a much shorter cooldown time. If you come across a team of synced devils/ demons with this team, Ghostring's poison won't be able to save you here, thus the lack of an AOE skill will put you at great risk during the first few waves in my opinion. The tradeoff of this would be that the dragons won't help out much with the god waves though, so if you are using a Ghostring/ Odin team, the choice between another defensive sub that helps you more in the god waves or an offensive sub that helps you with the trash waves is truly up to your discretion.


An Alternative Approach...

I want to make it immediately clear that I do not support this approach. Unless you are IAP and heavy IAP at that, it is a waste of tamadoras to awaken an Alraune or Archangel for this Resist Team and Ama/ Odin hybrid. You will regret doing such in the future for the sake of getting a Hera; this I guarantee you. Furthermore, you will not develop the skills needed to tackle other dungeons such as Hera-Is or Goemon with Resist in the process. Aside from my condescending words though...

This build utilizes a single max awoken Archangel or Alraune in place of a defensive sub- arguably two since 1500 in autoheal (1000 from Alraune/ Archangel + 500 from Odin) allows you to heal back to full on Hera as well as some other bosses without a single heart orb match. In this sense, it resembles an Ama/Odin build of sorts. However, without the pressure of healing each and every turn you will be losing out on a valuable opportunity to hone your orb matching skills- skills that are not merely relevant to resist builds alone as most spike teams (minus some hp conditional ones) require you to routinely heal each turn whilst hitting a set number of combos.

First 4 Waves: Demons and Devils and Knights! Oh my!

Exclamation These tend to be the most risky for Odin/ Resist teams in my opinion since you are at the mercy of the RNG! Exclamation
The first wave especially since you do not have your skills initially charged then!

Worst Case Scenario: Targeting when AOE Skills are Not Charged aka Wave 1

In general, I recommend that you target devils first followed by demons and lastly the mystic knights because of their respective attack cool-downs (1,2,3). However, there are some caveats to this- the main one involving Odin’s leader resist skill.

It is important to keep in mind that Odin’s leader skill reduces the damage you take from the first monster that hits you (the one farthest on the left). Thus, the order of mobs in each wave absolutely needs to be taken into account when using this kind of team.


For a wave consisting of one type of monster, I recommend that you:
1. Identify synchronized mobs and mob(s) you have resist for
2. Target and defeat synchronized mobs
3. Target and defeat mobs you do not have resist for
4. Charge skills on final mob

Quickly defeat monsters that are synchronized, then defeat ones in colors you do not have resist for. This generally leaves dark monsters for last (possibly water monsters too if you are using an Abyss Neptune/ Odin team). I cannot emphasize the importance of charging your skills on the final monster in each wave enough!


For a wave consisting of multiple types of monsters:

The approach to this more common type of wave is more complex than the previous one and relies upon the situation you find yourself in.

Most of the targeting methods discussed earlier should be implemented, but the approach itself for these waves is really case-specific. The main difference being that I recommend that you identify the hardest hitting mob in this kind of wave, note its order and then formulate a strategy using the guidelines presented earlier to work around them.

For example, here is a mixed monster wave you may encounter:

When approaching a mixed mob wave such as the one above, I recommend that you:
1. Identify the hardest hitting mob and synchronized mobs
2. Target and defeat synchronized mobs
3. Target and defeat devils that precede the hardest hitting mob according to resist
4. If it applies, target and defeat devils that are after the hardest hitting mob according to resist
5. Target and defeat demons preceding the hardest hitting mob according to resist
6. Target and defeat demons after the hardest hitting mob according to resist
6. Charge skills while defeating hardest hitting mob

For the wave presented in the example,
1. The mystic light knight would definitely be the hardest hitting mob, so you should save him for last.
2. The devils, if not already synced, will do such because they have no cooldown. Target and defeat the blood devil first.
3. -
4. Defeat the taur devil.
5. Defeat the pyro demon
6. Charge skills on mystic light knight


Quick Tips on Orb Matching and Defense Mobs

In addition to targeting methods that need to be employed, specific orb-matching strategies should be applied as well. Most monsters in Descended dungeons have fairly high defense after all.

Dark orbs are your main source of attack with an Odin/ Resist team since most lineups include primarily dark monsters. To take out waves quickly, plan out an AOE orb attack (5 or more orbs chained together) plus a few other combos. To take out a synced mob quickly, match two sets of 3 dark orbs plus a few other combos. Then target according to type resistance and/or advantage using these methods.

The same orb matching strategies are utilized by turtle teams in Descended dungeons as well- whether one is trying to take down ninjas, devils, or demons, this style of orb matching is a must learn Smile


If you are inclined to go with a strategy different from the ones above, feel free to do so! Smile These are just basic guidelines for targeting that I learned from my experience with this dungeon and beginning with two resist gods. By no means, does the advice above need to be strictly followed.

Misa@PF: 369,647,269 (EN) Misa2@PF:372,441,273 (EN) Misa☀PF! 185,149,964 (JP)

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06-06-2013, 11:09 AM (This post was last modified: 03-01-2014 07:02 PM by Misa.)
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RE: Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/ Resist Team
Taking on the Gods: Waves 5-10

Practice for Hera: Venus

I was never really keen on Venus in the first place… Her appearance as a boss in this dungeon only compounded the animosity I feel toward her... Look at that smug look on her face! But that is aside from the point >_< Other than the fight with Hera, the nature of this boss battle is the most stressful in my opinion. Think of Venus as practice for taking on the real deal since she is the only other god that attacks you every turn!

Since Venus’ attack has no cooldown, you need to heal up every turn. A single 3 heart orb match should suffice. However, it is equally important to achieve 3+ combos each turn while matching hearts in order to clear your board and keep a steady flow of new orbs coming. Remember to conserve some fire orbs for heart conversion in case your supply of heart orbs runs dry!

If your orb to heart changers are both on cooldown, use Echidna’s Menace or Rainbow Keeper’s Defensive Stance, which will give you a few turns to clear orbs off your current board safely. However, even without these two, you can take two consecutive hits from Venus without healing and pray that the RNG has mercy >_< She is the only boss aside from Hera that will not OHKO you in case you make a little mistake though! This is the only place where it is acceptable to make such a simple mistake as failing to heal back to full before an attack becuase an error of that sort during the next few god waves will result in an automatic OHKO.

If you have Lucifer though, you can one shot her with a single morning star... Only do this if you are absolutely confident you can heal back up to full before tanking a hit from Minerva!

Waves 6 and 7: Minerva and Ceres

Hopefully, you have become accustomed to healing back to full every turn and clearing your board! If so, these two should not pose much of a problem at all to your Odin/ Resist Team since they do not attack you every turn. Minerva attacks every 3 turns and Ceres attacks every 2 turns, which should give you plenty of time to heal back up to full and even gives you a little room for mistakes. Just do not get carried away after the fight with Venus and match 3 heart orbs every turn in between their attacks since it is completely unnecessary to do so! It may be good practice for Hera, but I recommend you do not do so since you never want to run out of heart orbs while confronting the remaining gods before Hera because you will get one-shotted.

Because the fights with these two are more relaxed than the previous one with Venus, it is easy to forget to heal back up to full in the allotted time you have before Minerva or Ceres attacks. This will result in a OHKO for their damage output greatly exceeds your hp Sad

In the Hera Descended Victory Thread, you will see many people rue the stone(s) they had to spend on fighting these two due to completely avoidable mistakes.

To avoid this disaster, I would recommend matching hearts on the turn directly after Minerva or Ceres attacks you. Take a few seconds to look at your hp bar after you have matched three heart orbs. Make sure it is entirely full. Yes, I know this will get tedious and add some more time onto your already long run through this dungeon, but I find the investment worth it. The few extra minutes total for checking your hp could save you a stone or more in long run.

Neptune: Finally Time for those Poisoners and Specialty Monsters to Shine!

As the title to this mini-section suggests, it is finally time for those poisoners and other seemingly random subs to shine! You lugged them through the first few waves of this dungeon, sacrificing hp and attack in doing so (well not truly the case if you had a Neptune, Shiva or Mk Golem Tongue). Now is the time to put their active skills to good use!

If you brought along a Lilith, Ghostring, or led with an Abyss Neptune, poison Neptune right off the bat. Follow the protocol used for the previous bosses and diligently heal back to full hp while letting poison slowly drain away Neptune’s vitality. It is easy to forget to heal back to full since Neptune has a 4 turn cooldown in between his attacks… Remember to check your hp! You don't want to fall prey to a totally avoidable mistake!

If you brought along Shiva, Mk Golem, Top Droid Dragon or an evolved knight activate their skill and proceed to Gungnir and/ or nuke Neptune with your CDD’s skill (do not bother with your dragon's active skills in this fight while using a knight unless the type advantage is with you). This may not be enough to kill Neptune right off the bat, but continue doing this until he falls.

If you brought along Archangel Lucifer, you can OHKO Neptune with morning star! Big Grin Sadly this is probably the only time you will ever get to use his skill though with an Odin/ Resist team. Still imagine that it would be exhilarating though!

If you brought along Ra, 6 uses of his defense-surpassing active skill should be enough to take Neptune down.

Wave 9: Hades (The Most Boring Boss in my Opinion)

Hades is the reason why your team was required to have over 8.5k hp since that is how much damage you will take from a single hit with double resist! Needless to say, he is the hardest hitting monster in the dungeon. However, despite that, the fight with him is the most boring in my opinion. Undecided It is very hard to forget to heal back to full with his 6 turn cooldown. After all, to state the obvious, his attack takes a huge chunk out of your hp pool. >_< And his art... Nothing to be distracted by there lol.

Three heart orbs matches along with some random combos should be enough to heal you back up to full hp. Start matching those heart orbs right after his attack so you don’t find yourself at risk!

Sorry if this seems redundant, but remember to diligently check your hp! This is a point I seriously cannot emphasize enough though!

Hopefully Hera Descended has not worn you out just yet! The hardest and most exciting boss is still yet to come!

The Real Deal: Time to Take on Hera!

You finally made it to Hera- the gravity user you have been looking for! That golden egg is just waiting for you to claim it! Big Grin Understandably, you are super excited, but the hardest fight in this dungeon is just about to begin! Hopefully your mind has not been dulled by all of the orb matching involved thus far!

The strategy for this fight is exactly the same as the one you used to tackle Venus: make sure to match 3 heart orbs, achieving 3+ combos every turn to heal back to full while clearing your board. Remember to keep some red orbs available for heart conversion on your board. When your orb to heart changers are on cooldown and you find your board devoid of hearts, pop Echidna’s or your RK’s Defensive Stance. If your Echidna is also on cooldown and you happen to have an RK, pop his Defensive Stance or if you happen to have a second Echidna use her Menace.

In the worst case scenario when you find your board lacking hearts and all of your defensive active skills on cooldown, you can afford to take two consecutive hits without healing so clear your current board to the best of your ability and simply pray that the RNG has mercy! >_<

This fight is very time-consuming so try not to fall asleep! Just make sure to keep your wits about you for the duration of this fight! You did not come this far for nothing, after all! If you remember to heal every turn, clear your board adequately, and trigger active skills when necessary, victory shall be yours!


Always make sure to check your hp diligently throughout these waves. If you are feeling a bit sleepy or know you are not feeling all that sharp, take a break from the PaD action! That's part of the beauty of this game. You can pause it whenever you want and don't have to worry about dying! This dungeon does get tedious since it can take anywhere between 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours for a defensive build, after all~

[Image: f65304dd9f9da2df2c39cbb86490b224.jpg]

Good luck to all who will be attempting Hera Descended! And congratulations to all of the victors!

To anyone that may be having trouble with this dungeon or has had trouble with it in the past with a viable build, don't give up! The perseverance pays off I swear!

If you are not too worn out from using a Resist Build to tackle this dungeon, consider doing such for Hera-Is~ Tips for this dungeon included in the hyperlink!

Misa@PF: 369,647,269 (EN) Misa2@PF:372,441,273 (EN) Misa☀PF! 185,149,964 (JP)

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06-06-2013, 11:10 AM (This post was last modified: 03-01-2014 06:55 PM by Misa.)
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RE: Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/ Resist Team
On Active Skill Use throughout the Dungeon

After completing the first wave, hopefully you have all of your active skills charged up and ready to go! Big Grin

Offensive Active Skills:

Chaos Devil Dragon

First 4 waves: I recommend that you only use his nuke in waves where multiple monsters are on synchronized timers, or if you happen to encounter a wave of purely devils and demons.

God waves: Use active skill as soon and as often as you can. Only exception to this would be for the Neptune takedown if you are using a Shiva or Mk Golem. Save his nuking skill, trigger the defensive lowering skill and the nuke in this case


First 4 Waves: The new and improved Gungnir can OHKO all devils, demons and even the MDK! However, it is best used when you find yourself with a pair of synchronized mobs (demons or devils) at the beginning of a wave. Due to the amount of time it takes to complete this dungeon, you may be tempted to Gungnir the final mob in a wave. I strongly recommend you do not do so though. Defeats the purpose of charging your skills after all and saving a few minutes of your time is not worth the risk that follows such a decision.

God Waves: same as CDD, except deals much more damage now!

/ / / /

First 4 Waves: Poison can help you bring down waves with high defense very quickly. I suggest using AOE skills before resorting to poison though. Poison a wave if you ever feel like it will put you at risk and your AOE skills are not up. If you are using or partnered with an Abyss Neptune, poison may be your only source of AOE so I recommend that you use it only on the same occasions that you would use CDD's active for.

God Waves: Poison each god at the start of each fight. You should have plenty of time for the poison skill to recharge before tackling the next.

Mk Golem / Shiva/ Top Droid Dragon/ Knight

First 4 Waves: Only resort to using these guys’ skills on mobs with high defense when your AOE skill is down. Then utilize the targeting methods discussed in the previous section.

God Waves: Active skills are relatively useless on all gods with the exception of Neptune. Trigger defense lowering skill on him, then proceed to nuke him with other active skills.


First 4 Waves: Unfortunately, Gravity is of little help during these first few waves Sad It gets more useful though later on!

God Waves: Gravity can significantly cut down the amount of time it takes you to tackle to bosses. Use Gravity whenever it is available unless boss is at low hp (exception to the low hp part being Hera). Do not waste Gravity on Neptune unless you are using the Gravity grind method, which I personally do not recommend.

Archangel Lucifer

First 4 Waves: Do not use Morning Star!

God Waves: Best used to one shot Neptune, but can also be used to one shot Venus. I advise against you using his skill on any of the bosses except Neptune and Hades since those 4 and 6 turns should give you enough time to heal back to full up. No need to take risks by nuking Minerva or Ceres unless you are absolutely confident that you can heal back to full before they attack. The small amount of time saved is not worth spending a stone in my opinion.


First 4 Waves: Use active skill like an additional AOE skill so reserve it's use for dangerous waves that would merit CDD's skill use.

God Waves: Use active skill liberally on all gods, but make sure to go into the Neptune fight with the skill charged to reduce the time spent defeating him.


Defensive Active Skills:

Orb to Heart Changers

The MVPs in my opinion! Their use is a bit obvious though. >_<
Just use their actives as needed. Assuming that you are using a siren, make sure to keep a few red orbs on the board at all times so they are available for conversion! Also, if you happen to have two orb to heart changers in your lineup, one of which has a higher skill level than another, always use the one with the shorter cool down time first. The second should be used as a default only while the other is on cooldown.


Refrain from using Menace unless you feel like you are in danger! Do not automatically pop her skill whenever it is charged or at the start of each wave. Conserve her skill and only use it when you truly need it or feel like you are in danger. Ie. if you come across a wave of synchronized mobs and your AOE skills are down, orb to heart changers are on cooldown and you are short on hearts, close to dying and doubt you can heal back to full in time

Rainbow Keeper

Defensive Stance should only be used in the same instances that I mentioned for Echidna. However, if you have echidna in your team lineup, only use his active skill as a final resort because it has a much longer cooldown time than menace.


Take Home Message: It is important to use active skills whenever you feel you are at risk, since hesitation can cost you a stone. If you do not feel confident about taking on any given wave or think that you may receive too much damage on any given turn, pop one of your monster's active skills. The risk is not worth it!

Misa@PF: 369,647,269 (EN) Misa2@PF:372,441,273 (EN) Misa☀PF! 185,149,964 (JP)

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06-06-2013, 11:23 AM
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RE: Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/ Resist Team
Thx for doing this. I was wondering if maybe you could make a video tomorrow too using this line-up. I think it would add greatly to this guide. I've been searching for a video on YouTube that could give me a visual aspect to completing Hera but to no avail.

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06-06-2013, 11:56 AM
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RE: Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/ Resist Team
I do not know how to stream or record something on my iPad, but I will see if I have/ can obtain the means of doing so if you would find a video helpful Smile

Misa@PF: 369,647,269 (EN) Misa2@PF:372,441,273 (EN) Misa☀PF! 185,149,964 (JP)

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06-06-2013, 12:43 PM
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RE: Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/ Resist Team
Great stuff, thanks so much for doing this! (For me and everyone else who are taking on Hera for the first time!).

I'm prepared to throw a few stones at this if I'm really unlucky (though hopefully no more than five - I'd much rather zero stone this!). But this is a great help!

I have lots of spike team leaders. One day I hope to be good at playing them.
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06-06-2013, 01:07 PM
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RE: Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/ Resist Team
Hmm. Interesting thread. I wonder how long it took you to write this up

.. and I'm pretty dead curious -squints-

In fact, I was about to make a short write-up particularly about Odin-CDD to take on Hera Descended in the dark thread. It won't be a new thread, just in the dark thread. I figured CDD is the most affordable dark resist monster the fact he can be farmed.

But I guess I'll just refer to your write-up either way. Thank you Misa! Tongue

In my past experience when I was giving feedback regarding Hera lineups via Odin-Resist, some players wanted to beat Hera either in a minimal stone expenditure (around one to three stones spent) or in a no-stone run. I used to tell them to get two Sirens (both max-skill if possible). The first time I ran Hera I had 2 max-skill Sirens and I beat her, no stones spent. Then I came across with a question like this,

I only have one max-skill Siren, what do I do? Though, I have Toy Dragons and they seem that they provide heart orbs as well. Would I do just fine if one of them is subbed in as my second healer?

I found that question quite interesting. My answer was "it's worth the try." Honestly speaking, I haven't ran Hera's Dungeon yet with Odin-Resist team who is accompanied by a Toy Dragon as a second healer. Perhaps I'll try running it tomorrow with my max-skill Angelion Undecided

Even then, it's clear that Toy Dragons have horrible RCV, so it would sort of discourage people who plan to use them as a second healer.

Tl;dr: Great job Misa! Maybe Lucifer is worth mentioning as the one who can penetrate Neptune's armor in case they don't have a decent dark team yet. Heck, Morning Star one of the fair-armored Demons to lessen the burden during the first four floors Big Grin

Also, you can provide screenshots of your gameplay using Odin-Resist in Hera's Dungeon.

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06-06-2013, 01:23 PM
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RE: Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/ Resist Team
Lol it took me a lot longer than expected, but hey I promised this was going to be comprehensive! I don't go back on my word after all Tongue Too much pride to do that ( I know this probably makes me sound like a guy).

I imagine a Loki-like smirk was on your face when you posted that comment XD

As for Lucifer, completely forgot about him! He definitely is a sub that you might find on this sort of team, but I would think that Lucifer owners would probably choose to partner with another Lucifer instead of taking this approach >_<

Misa@PF: 369,647,269 (EN) Misa2@PF:372,441,273 (EN) Misa☀PF! 185,149,964 (JP)

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06-06-2013, 01:45 PM
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RE: Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/ Resist Team
Thanks for all your hard work, Misa! It helps so much to have all the info together - I found myself having to go through every page of the initial thread trying to piece together all the advice, tips, and tricks.

I would give you an applause smiley if they had one. Big Grin

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06-06-2013, 01:48 PM (This post was last modified: 06-06-2013 01:50 PM by Trix.)
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RE: Updated Strategy for Taking on Hera with an Odin/ Resist Team
Hehe, you're pretty brilliant to figure out the main point of my question Wink

..and that comment, nah, I was literally curious. Not even being sarcastic. I expected you have had the spare time to work on that, but it looks like you have lived up in your title again. So, way to go! Big Grin

I actually attempted to hear your viewpoint regarding Toy Dragons as second healer, if players planned to bring two healers. Do you think they are good to go? I haven't made a firm opinion about that matter, since I don't have a proof. Only trying it on my own can help me to provide evidence.

Some suggestions.

1.) Arch Hades seems to be a great resist leader. Half light damage reduction (Venus), half dark damage reduction (Hera). Venus and Hera are the biggest threat in boss battles (floors 5 through 10), since they hit every turn.

2.) You are right that people would most likely have Lucifer play the leader role in lieu of the sub role, but my suggestion earlier about Lucifer assumes people don't have solid dark subs around him.

3.) Astaroth can be also a good way to get rid of Neptune, wherein Neptune eats his own medicine through Astaroth's wood type reflect damage.

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